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Williams does not want to admit defeat yet

Paddy Lowe says that Williams should keep improving the car in the upcoming races, instead of falling into depression.

The Grove outfit has started the 2018 in the worst possible way. The FW41, has proved difficult for Lance Stroll and Sergei Sirotkin and for the time being, it is slower than the 2017 car. Lowe flew to England between the Bahrain and Chinise GP to analyse all the possible data available, so the team can understand the car more.

The team has zero points after the first three races, a start which is the worst for the team since 2013. But Lowe insists, that there is no reason for panic.

I wouldn’t say that there has been a lot of depression because that is not the way to dig yourself out of a situation. It is about going away, analyzing and understanding where you are. Then understanding what you have to do. And focusing the organization around that. Which is exactly what we are doing because we are not where we hoped to be and intend to be in terms of competition, but it is of our own making. Clearly what we have done has not been good enough. We made some small parts of that plan already deployed [in China] in terms of tests and evaluations of stuff we did, which gave us a lot of information, a lot of data, and including some improvements. So it may be not all that noticeable, but there is some small progress in the car that we were running in qualifying.

Is the 2018 season finished for Williams, or they can improve in the next races to fight for points race finishes?